Friday, March 6, 2009


So i got a itch to do a sermon on hell. i can't remember the last time i heard about it in church on a sunday morning and i started thinking.....i bet my students don't even believe in it!
I think the doctrine of hell is a scary one, but one that we cannot deny. the bible is plain about it. a lake of fire that burns eternal.
I think most of our students will fall into the "a loving God would never send anyone to hell" camp at first, but i'm hoping that through a little biblical proof, students came come the the same realization that i had, and that is hell is a real place (sorry pope benedict, you're wrong). I think if we are gonna treat hell as not real then we better think of heaven as metaphorical too, and that just sucks! who would want a metaphorical heaven? what's the point?
this weekend i will be teaching at our 'it' service and i'm very anxious to throw in a few lines about hell and have some discussion time with the kids in the middle of the message to see what they think about hell. one thing i know, is that if hell is a reality, we need to be motivated to start spreading the gospel story with as many as possible. We're making a commitment in our ministry to help mobilize students to evangelize. We will be reteaching the GOSPEL acrostic every week until it's like second nature to students. i really want to get them to feel like they know what they believe about the Gospel and why it's important.
i don't want to beat everyone over the head with hellfire and brimstone, but i feel as though i can't deny the doctrine of hell and be loving to my can i honestly say i trained them while leaving out the cold hard realities of eternity?


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