Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jesus broke my BlackBerry.

The other day on my regular drive into town, I spent some time in prayer. I had been struggling staying focused on my relationship with Jesus. I spent most of my prayer time asking God to take away whatever things that separate me from an intimate relationship with Him. I asked Him to strip away from me my distractions even if it was a painful process.
Twenty minutes later my BlackBerry was crunched under a couch I had come into town to pick up. After I finished cursing the couch and the phone, it clicked. I realized that God had justed answered my prayer.
Sometimes I find myself so preoccupied with my connectedness through Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook that I forget how much time I waste going through useless Twitter updates and checking up on students and other youth pastors status updates. If I took just a portion of that time and devoted it to real connectedness with Christ, my ministry, family life and relationships would be so much more fruitful.
I immediately started to laugh at myself and the ridiculous nature of my life. I was asking God for answers and there he was answering them while I was praying for Him to unanswer them.
The funniest thing was that as soon as I was with throwing out my mobile connectivity, my BlackBerry started working just fine again.
Now the problem comes of trying to apply this lesson. Where do we draw the lines? All this connection and networking is a great tool for ministry and communicating wth students, but when do we turn off mobile devices? Right now I am trying to Twitter and Myspace, etc less and spend a few moments with my wife and kids and my Creator. I'm trying to save the mobile connectivity to occassional updates etc. But I must admit that it is a struggle.
Maybe I should ask Jesus to permanently take out the BlackBerry.
Oh well I've gotta go, I'm sitting in the backseat of a car on the freeway headed to a concert. Thanks for reading.

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