Friday, July 31, 2009

So I'm checking out the idea of using for our youth ministry...if you text anything starting with @wif5312 to 87884 it will appear on this screen. also if you twitter and use the words alatulippe or AELC it will also appear..give it a try

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We are taking some time out today just to enjoy and be around the house with the kids. They love playing outside and are enjoying some time out today. So far, we have been doing all sorts of sightseeing and hikes. yesterday we went to Oneonta falls which was a 1/3 mile hike each way. It was a short hike but you hike right up the creek through the water, so it slows you down a bit. we didn't bring our camera to take pics because we had to hike through the water (over waist deep) with the kids, but Mike brought his so we did get a few shots. It doesn't really do it any justice through film, though, it's just too beautiful to believe.

It's hard to believe that nature can be this beautiful on it's own. where we live (desert) it's pretty dry and flammable everywhere, but here everything is green and growing. you can really feel close to God in nature and see just how majestic creation is. It brings new meaning to the scripture that says that creation cries out glory to God.

it will be fun to have some down time today but i am anxious to get back to the water and just take in the beauty. We will try to post some pics and maybe videos later..

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Day hiking the falls in Oregon

Today we took a trip down the road to a few waterfalls on the Oregon side of the river. It was a blast and Nicole, April, the kiddos (5) and me got to check out Horsetail falls, Multnomah falls, Latourel falls and even did a hike to see a hidden waterfall about one mile back on a trail. The kids made it there fine but it was a tough hike back down the mountain. overall we had a great time and got some beautiful pics in the process.